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Drummer singer songwriter/producer.  
 All his musical training came from playing in nightclubs.  Raymond has worked with many bands and artists through the years.  An innovative, aggressive drummer, Raymond embarked on his musical career at an early age.  Rock'n Roll was a huge influence. Raymond is a self taught drummer but he did take music theory in high school. In the past few years, Raymond has embarked and journeyed into the world of electronics.  Raymond describes the learning curve on the electronics as "Very difficult. 

A well-respected drummer, who has appeared in many types of settings in many genres early in his career, Raymond's style of playing was deeply rooted in Hard Rock where he drew most of his inspiration from drummers such as Keith Moon and John Bonham, players who were at the forefront of the British Hard Rock scene.  As time progressed however, he began to absorb the influence of Jazz and Big Band from musicians such as Bellson, Gene Krupa, and more recently, the late Buddy Rich. 

In addition to his profession as a musician, Raymond is also a prolific writer, being the author of several original compositions. Over the years, Raymond has become known for his personal writing style. Raymond has the rare ability to continually hold ones interest throughout a solo.  It's what he holds back, that makes him a great drummer.  

His concerts are overwhelming and have launched Raymond into his current phase, establishing him as a unique innovator and artistic visionary who is going beyond, what was previously thought as impossible, with electronics and the modern drum kit. People now realize that one man, all by himself, can make orchestral, thematic music on the drums. He plays what's right for the song, not to grandstand or just draw attention to himself. He will however, let loose live in his unaccompanied drum solo. In this instance you've got to expect the unexpected.  He's a musician.  He'll be making music until the day he dies.